Location – Not the Only Price Determining Factor for Investments

Real estate has become a popular investment avenue. Although location is considered as the key factor in determining the price, there are other relevant elements that also play an equally vital role. An integration of other factors like social infrastructure, connectivity, accessibility to central hubs, repute of the builder etc together make a given location an authentic investment attraction.

Whilst location plays an important role in selecting a property, it is just a single feature to evaluate the price factor. Investing in a prime location reaps good benefits in future. However, the connectivity network of that area to other adjoining regions will ensure that you cut down on your travel time and save on your conveyance too. Metro stations, broad roads and close vicinity to expressways will make commuting less exhaustive and less time consuming. Therefore it is imperative that the property is well situated and well connected to important hubs through the right network.


Social infrastructure is yet another facet to a prime location and attracts investors or buyers due to its appropriate access to conveniences close by. Facilities like shopping malls, banks, ATM’s, educational and healthcare centers in close vicinity will make life easier and convenient and will also aid in finding tenants in future considering that the property is for investment purpose.

A densely populated area is another catalyst that is sure to boost the capital returns especially for a commercial property. A wide catchment area increases the footfall for commercial investments and assures capital returns. In addition to this, a safe neighborhood will up the ante where people are free to be outdoors, work or interact.

Some projects attract attention owing to the reputation of the builder. People believe that if the developer is well known and his repute precedes him, it is taken for granted that he will take care of all the requisites.



Lastly, investing in a property at a prime location also builds up your chances for approval. Properties in a prime location have remote possibilities of capital loss.

In a nutshell, how important an address is, all depends on an amalgamation of factors like the physical and social infrastructure, connectivity and proximity to important hubs and the social profile and aura of the location.

Spectrum Metro is an upcoming commercial property in Noida. The extravagant commercial development offers retail spaces, office spaces, serviced apartments, medifloors, corporate centre and entertainment and recreational facilities. It is an ideal pick while looking out for a commercial property in Noida. Situated at sector 75, it is right opposite to the upcoming sector 50 metro station and is well connected to other areas through a strong road network. It is located in a densely populated area and with a 1km frontage having brilliant accessibility and visibility. Centrally located in the heart of Noida, it is close to all conveniences and corporate offices in the vicinity. The project has everything going for it to make it an investment magnet.


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