Golden Rules for the Best Investment in Office Spaces Noida

The decision of choosing the right space for your office in Noida is a crucial one. It’s important to find a place that not just matches the requirements and demands of your company, but also goes beyond that, in being adaptable and allowing for future growth. Settling on the right office space in noida can be both exciting and challenging at the same time. It is therefore important to do some research and consider certain factors or golden rules that will enable you to take the right decision for maximum productivity and capital gain.

Location: This is a dominant parameter while choosing office spaces. An easily accessible location in central Noida will go a long way in keeping your clients and staff happy. Additionally, being located in an area that has a good reputation with a secure neighborhood will ensure safety for visitors and employees. Also being located in an area that is a hot spot for up-and-coming startups or promising businesses in close vicinity to cafes, eateries, bus-stops, metro stations, gyms etc. can have a positive effect on how clients view your company.

Connectivity: The connectivity options available at a certain location are bound to affect your business. Living in an age where time is money, spending minimum time on commuting can be a blessing. Moreover, considering the increasing costs of transportation, people may not be as willing to travel, involving hours of commute to patronize your business. Therefore it is imperative that commuting is made easy with accessible public transport and close vicinity to the metro in the city of Noida can be an added benefit.

Catchment Area: It is no secret that an expansive catchment area close to your office is a boon to the profitability of your business. Being located in a densely populated area attracting a huge footfall can do wonders for your business and boost capital gain.

Infrastructure: Well balanced infrastructure is vital not only to increase the value of a commercial property but also to provide indirect benefits to the community around. Upgraded roads, 24×7 electricity and water supply, important developments like schools, hospitals and other community facilities around the area and easy access to railway and metro stations, and expressways play a critical role in boosting property values.

Amenities: Finally, the amenities that an investment offers are another essential aspect that cannot be ruled out. Flexible unit sizes with parking facilities, good surveillance systems, 24×7 power back-up, conference rooms, atrium’s and lobbies, strong technological support and other high end specifications help to unlock future capital growth.

Office space in Noida – the hot spot as a commercial hub, is in excess, however, it is important to choose the right commercial property after exploring all the options thoroughly.

Spectrum@Metro office space is a dedicated professional hub that fulfills all the above parameters and offers flexible units in different sizes to suit your budget and requirement. Located at a densely populated area right opposite the upcoming sector 50 metro station, office space at Spectrum@Metro sector 75 Noida enjoys the advantage of a strategic location. Easy accessibility and a huge catchment area attracting a footfall of approximately 8 lakh populations guarantees assured returns in no time. Situated at Spectrum@Metro sector 75, Noida – an upcoming luxurious commercial development, the only of its kind in the area, it offers social, recreational and entertainment facilities all under a single roof.


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