Commercial Space – A New High in Property Investment

India today is emerging to be a bright spot for property investments in the global arena. With the economy doing wonders and the GDP growth backed by policy initiatives it has been attracting the interests of both national and global investors towards property investment.

A traditional approach to investing in residential real estate is now making way for an increase in commercial real estate investments that yield more rental returns vis-à-vis residential properties. The encouragement of regulatory framework like RERA is ensuring a better investment climate. Moreover, the commercial real estate segment is going through a new phase of growth. Due to positive business sentiments, companies are expanding offices here leading to a brisk activity in the commercial segment.

The commercial real estate sector has been moving forward in the right direction and is expected to ascend further with stronger growth records. In the last few years, MNC’s and many corporates have been investing in office spaces in both ready-to-move-in and under-construction projects for self-use or investment purposes. This trend has also been coinciding with a steady rise in rentals from commercial properties and ensuring a stable annual income. In addition to this, it has also been noted that capital appreciation of commercial property is higher in comparison to residential segment.

High levels of absorption, increased and a steady flow of rentals, an inadequate supply, and increased investor interest have all set a spark into the commercial real estate sector. Commercial space segment is regaining favor and undoubtedly being considered a better bet today as property investment promising better returns. The rental yields of residential properties in the current scenario provide roughly 2 to 3% vis-a-vis the rental yields of approximately 6 to 8% by commercial assets.

Identifying the ideal location for a commercial property is crucial in ensuring better returns for your investment. Investing in commercial property in Noida has huge potential with the market evolving at a rapid pace. Commercial property in Noida is drawing a lot of attention due to a number of key factors. In terms of location, the city is easily accessible through metro and a strong road network. The infrastructural facilities have been well developed here. It is home to a number of MNC’s and big corporate names and is a hub for IT/ITES firms. Investing in a property in Noida with endless features and strategic locations is reason enough to witness capital appreciation and strong and steady rental returns.


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